Info for patients

Info for patients

What to tell a patient before consenting for Botulinum toxin injections?

1-The most important part of consenting patient before botulinum  toxin injection is to inform the patient about the procedure and what to expect following  the injections. tehse leaflet can be download and given to teh patient before or at the time of consenting for injections. it has been written by the board of the BNN.

      BNN Patient Information leaflet

2-Very good  information about the Botulinum toxin treatment can be found through the

Dystonia society website.

dystonia society

3-Also there are detailed informations for patient about the side effects of different injections and advising the patient what to do in case of swallowing difficulties and in case of droopy eyelid;  These posts  are part of a blog written for patient by Dr MH Marion.

swallowing difficulties after injections

Swallowing difficulties after injections

Swallowing difficulties following injections

Droopy eyelid and double vision following injections