Keble college, Oxford

Keble College, Oxford

This 2022 BNN meeting will welcome speakers and guest participants from all over Europe with topics that have a direct influence on our daily practice.

BNN 2022 program

Thursday will welcome experts sharing with us their tips for injecting CD, BSP, HFS, FP, and spasticity, followed by a panel discussion.

Professor Alan Scott will be remembered and his original studies will be revisited,  particularly in the light of contemporary observations.

Friday will start with the pathophysiology of dystonia with Professor Burbaud, followed by Dr Daniel Scholtz on the effect of stress on motor performance in dystonia.

The second part will be dedicated to “how to advise patients “ with BSP, CD, and spasticity, promoting patient self-management.

Don’t forget to bring case studies for the video session!

Paediatric BNN will have parallel sessions about CP and dystonia treatment in children. For further details go to their website

The 2022 BNN meeting will start with symposia organised by our sponsors from 12 to 2 pm. You will receive further details near the time of the meeting.

Please book now:

BNN members with a cost of £80.00 per person for Consultants and Staff Grade Specialists and £50.00 per person for Nurses and Physiotherapists. 

I hope to see you in September for our 11th meeting in this prestigious location, Keble College in Oxford.

Marie-Helene Marion