easy read leaflet Botulinum toxin injection

Easy read leaflet Botulinum toxin injection- dr Sajida Javaid

Dr Sajida Javaid and her team  (ABM ULHB – Rehabilitation Medicine, Neath Port Talbot Hospital) have designed  an “Easy read” information booklet to help patients with cognitive impairment to better understand botulinum toxin treatment and set expectations for clinic appointments.

The presentation of  this leaflet by Dr Sajida Javaid t at the annual BNN meeting in Oxford in September 2017 raised a lot of interest from the participants.

This leaflet is full of self explanatory cartoons, which allow young patients with cognitive impairment to get an understanding of the procedure and  to know what to expect from the Botulinum toxin injections. It’s going to be of a great help in botulinum toxin clinic treating spasticity in children.

If you are interested to get copies for your clinic, e mail us [email protected]  and we will forward it to the editors.