The BNN sponsored 2 ENT -laryngologists from London to attempt a training in laryngeal EMG workshop in Germany. This workshop is unique and our London BNN  fellows have sent this report with some pictures of their experience at this workshop. We hope that many others UK Ent/laryngologists will take this opportunity next year to learn or improve their skill in laryngeal EMG.

laryngeal EMG course

Laryngeal EMG course in Jena 2018


 On 8th and 9th November Jena, in the East of Germany, hosted a two-day course in neurolaryngology with a world-renowned faculty.

Day 1 started with a series of lectures highlighting the background of laryngeal electromyography (LEMG), and step-to-step guides on “How I do it” showing videos and pictures of LEMG from experts across Europe (Andreas Muller, Gerd Fabian Volk, Orlando Guntinas-Lichius, Berit Schneider-Stickler, Claus Pototschnig and Gerhard Forster).

Later, live demonstrations of LEMG with consenting patients detected thyroarytenoid, cricothyroid, lateral cricoarytenoid and posterior cricoarytenoid muscle activity and subsequent analysis was performed by the international faculty. Stimulating multidisciplinary discussions took place helping to tackle the complex neurolaryngology clinical scenarios presented.

The rigid stroboscopic laryngoscopy was viewed in 3D, providing increased depth-of-field perspective and really aided the outpatient endolaryngeal injection thyroplasty conducted by Ahmed Ibrahim Nasr. An evening meal was provided in the town centre with live jazz provided by the one and only talented Professor Roger Crumley.

Day 2 was at a simulation centre where the workshop was kicked off by Professor Roger Crumley from California, USA, providing a lifetime of experience with laryngeal synkinesis in recurrent laryngeal nerve paresis.

Laryngeal EMG course in Jena 2018-hands on

Laryngeal EMG course in Jena 2018-hands on

This workshop would suit any trainees, physiologists, speech and language therapists or consultants interested in neurolaryngology and is planned on 7th -8th November 2019.  If you are interested in the course please contact [email protected] and/or visit their website

Chadwan Al Yaghchi and Natalie Watson represented the UK and would like to thank Dr Marie-Helene Marion and the British Neurotoxin Network for sponsoring our attendance at this unique course/workshop.”