Dear Members,

The BNN annual meeting will be on the 12-13 September 2019 at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford. The date this year has been put forward to avoid overlapping with the MDS meeting in Nice at the end of September.

This year the BNN meeting will have a new time table, starting earlier at 2 pm on Thursday afternoon and finishing on Friday after lunch.

It will be a very exciting time for the BNN as we’re launching the BNN paediatrics, gathering neurotoxin injectors in children with their own website. A full session will be dedicated this year to the indications of the neurotoxin in paediatrics and as injectors for adults, we will certainly learn a lot from our colleagues paediatricians.

On Thursday experts will be updating us on the different aspects of the management of focal dystonia, to get a more holistic approach of our dystonic patients.

The lectures by Dr Rachel Newby on functional patients and by prof Stephen McMahon on chronic pain will help us in our decision’s making process of injecting or not these patients, so frequently now referred to our BoNT-A clinics.

We will also hear from young laryngologists, funded by the BNN, the state of the art about laryngeal EMG!

An as usual the contribution of the BNN members with an audit presentation and the neurotoxin video club.

and plenty of time for networking and catching up with colleagues and friends all over UK.

The meeting is now opened for booking!

click on the link below for booking your place!

Hope to see you all in Oxford

Best wishes

Marie-Helene Marion

Chair of the BNN

British Neurotoxin Network 2019 Annual Meeting