Chronic synkinesias in facial palsy : more questions and some reading…

At the Association of British Neurologists in Liverpool 2017, Dr MH Marion, neurologist and Ms Justine Spiegelberg, neuro-physiotherapist presented the last data on combined treatment associating facial retraining and botulinum toxin treatment.

The small group of attendees allows a lot of interactive discussions about what to expect from the treatment, even after many years of progression of the aberrant regeneration of the facial nerve.

Many questions are still to be answered such as 1-the number of muscles to inject, 2-the role of “indirect Botulinum toxin” in the non affected side not only to control  the contralateral hyperactivity, but also to decrease the synkinesias on the affected side 3- the interval between injections 4- the synergy between the toxin injections and the retraining.

Nevertheless, the treatment has open great hope for patients with the possibility of relearning of expression of emotions.

Suggestion of reading on facial palsy

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