6th British Neurotoxin Network Celebrating 30 years of Toxin in Europe 22, 23 Septembre 2016, Oxford   The contribution of Botulinum Toxin to Neurology over the last 30 years: -The initial use of BoNT at Denmark hill and Queen square-Prof Philip Thompson, Adelaide -Les Amis du Clostridium- Dr Marie-Helene Marion -The […]

Program of the BNN 2016 meeting

British Neurotoxin Network 6th annual meeting, 2016,  Thursday 22 – Friday 23 September 2016, Oxford This year, the British Neurotoxin Network is celebrating 30 years of Toxin in Europe and many pioneers in the field from all over Europe have accepted to talk about their experience in treating dystonia and spasticity. Also […]

Celebrating 30 years of toxin in Europe

The British neurotoxin network has identified 13 centres in UK, which are available for treating patients with spasmodic dysphonia. This condition is a dystonia of the laryngeal muscles, which responds well to injections of Botulinum toxin into the vocal cords. Spasmodic dysphonia is a rare condition, which manifests with speech […]

Where to get treated for Spasmodic dysphonia in UK?

The 3rd annual meeting has been a great success with 74 participants from all over UK. There were multiple presentations with guest speakers and a really useful Questions and answers session. Keep an eye out for the next meeting and join us discussing everything BOTOX!  

Keble College, Oxford. 3rd & 4th October 2013