Privacy statement for British Neurotoxin Network

Dear Members,
Please take a few moments to familiarise yourselves with our privacy statement. This statement has been compiled in accordance with GDPR requirements in order to clarify the collecting, storing and processing of your data.

• The Bristish neurotoxin network is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
• Data will be collected upon membership . This will include: Name and first name, gender, professional e mail address, position, department, conditions treated, an hospital details (name, address, website uRL)
• All electronic data will be stored on a secure database with all the technological encryption data
• The following data, hospital name, name of the injector, specialty, secretary phone, address of hospital, conditions treated and address of hospital website will be displayed on the UK Botulinum toxin service maps on the website
• Some data may be used for research and educational purposes. If any identifiable data is required, this will only be used with member’s consent
• Members consent will be sought where required
• All data processors involved in the use of members data will be GDPR compliant
• Patient data will not be shared with any social media or advertising organisations
• Any breach in data will be dealt with appropriately by informing the ICO, members and organisations involved. Measured will be taken to correct the breach and ensure future safe proofing.
• Members will need to inform us in writing if they do not wish to receive information by e mail.
• Members have the right to request a copy of personal information we hold about them (known as data subject access request).
• Members have the right to request that information held about them, which may be incorrect or has changed, to be updated or removed fully
• If you wish to raise a complaint about the way we handle your data, then please contact us at the address below
• If you are not satisfied with our reply or handling of your complaint, then please contact the ICO on

For further information or requests, please contact Dr MH Marion
1 Dunlin rise, Guildford GU4 7DX