6th British Neurotoxin Network
Celebrating 30 years of Toxin in Europe
22, 23 Septembre 2016, Oxford

The contribution of Botulinum Toxin to Neurology over the last 30 years:

• The initial use of BoNT at Denmark hill and Queen square-Prof Philip Thompson, Adelaide
• Les Amis du Clostridium- Dr Marie-Helene Marion
• The German school – Prof Dirk Dressler, Hanover
• What did I learn as a neurophysiologist from using the toxin? – Prof Roberto Eleopra, Udine
– From poison to treatment – Dr Marie-Helene Marion

Basic sciences Toxin:
• How it all started in the lab- Prof Cesare Montecucco, Padova
• How the understanding of the action of the Toxin evolved over the last 30 years- Prof Oliver Dolly, Dublin
• What was the most memorable time in BoNT research? -Prof Andreas Rummel, Hanover

• How the Botulinum toxin has shaped the treatment of spasticity in children- Prof. Samuel Pascual, Madrid
• How the Botulinum toxin has shaped the treatment of spasticity over the years in adults- Prof Philippe Marque, Toulouse

BNN meeting:
• The place of BoNT-A in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease- Dr Alice Manson, Southampton
• The voice of the dystonic patients- Ms Angela Brown,The Dystonia society
• Videosession- Dr Timothy Harrower, Exeter

1-The use of Botulinum toxin for neurological foot- Dr Sunil Wilmaratna
2-Apraxia of eyelid opening: how to diagnose and how to treat?-Mr Daniel Ezra and Dr Marie-Helene Marion