A place for the incurably curious, The Wellcome collection was hosting the facial Movement Disorders BNN workshop which was a great success with 29 participants, most of them senior injectors.  Different specialties, neurology, ophthalmology  and ENT were represented by consultants, nurses and physiotherapists. The perfect mix to generate stimulating discussions and reflection on our diverse Botulinum toxin practices. The 2 hot topics were pre tarsal versus orbital injections and blepharospasm versus apraxia of eyelid by Dr Jo Flowers and the Botulinum toxin treatment of facial palsy  with new approach in the injections sites by  Dr Marie-Helene Marion.

The functional anatomy of the face is always an occasion of understanding some unusual dystonic facial expression, such as the “barbier muscle” or nasal septum depressor which pulls the upper red lips under the teeth or  the role of the DAO (depressor anguli oris) in facial palsy by locking the smile and its antagonism with the Zygomatic major.

Antagonism Zygomatic major and Depressor anguli oris- Duchenne

Antagonism Zygomatic major and Depressor anguli oris- Duchenne de Boulogne

Depressor anguli oris or triangularis

Depressor anguli oris or triangularis. AM Chevalier