This year, the British Neurotoxin Network is celebrating 30 years of Toxin in Europe and many pioneers in the field from all over Europe have accepted to talk about their experience in treating dystonia and spasticity. Also basic sciences experts will be present to explain how the understanding and the therapeutic potential of the toxin evolved over these last 30 years. Friday afternoon will include more traditional BNN topics with a review by Dr Alice Manson on the use of Botulinum toxin in Parkinson’s disease, an account of the Dystonia society helpline by Angela Brown and the video session. The workshops will be on Apraxia of eyelid opening with a duo of speakers, Mr. Daniel Ezra and Dr MH Marion and on Botulinum toxin injection of the foot by Dr Wimalaratna.

This 6th annual British Neurotoxin Network meeting is again a great opportunity to meet injector’s colleagues and to share knowledge.

Dr Marie-Hélène Marion

Chair of the British Neurotoxin Network